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Shamanism 101: The Most Comprehensive Guide about Shamanic Practices
What is the practice of Shamanism? ​What is a Shaman? Principles, concepts and teachings of Shamanism. Types of Shamanism in the World.
What is San Pedro Cactus? The Sacred Plant Explained
What is San Pedro? The properties and use of this Sacred Cactus What are the effects of this master plant? How to prepare it? How the San Pedro ceremony takes place?
What is Sananga? Discover the Sacred Eye Drops used by Shamans
What is Sananga eye drops? What is Sananga made of? Origin, preparation and application. Use and Medicinal Effects. Medical Benefits of Sananga. Traditional Uses of the Plant. Active components and Effects. ​Precautions and Dose.
7 Chakras 101: How to Activate and Balance Them?
The 7 chakras are the key points in Eastern philosophies since they are very important energy centers in our body. In this article we will see in detail what chakras are, how they work and how to awaken them through the practice of reiki and meditation, in order to obtain numerous psychophysical benefits.
How is a Reiki Session?
Article that explains in detail what a reiki session is? How does it work? What is a healing crisis?
What is Reiki and what are its Benefits?
What does Reiki do? Article about what reiki is, what it is used for and in which situations it is useful to do reiki