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Shamanic Reiki Healing


The Complete Ceremony include:

Shamanic Reiki Session with the combination of Chakra Balancing, Rapé and Sananga Ceremony and Amazonian Oracle Consultation.

Duration of the session:


170 euro

anahara reiki shamanic healing

Single Shamanic Reiki Session


You can choose from:

Reiki Healing Session

  • Rapé Ceremony
  • Sananga Ceremony
  • Amazonian Oracle Reading.

Duration of the session:


80 euro

vishudda reiki shamanic healing

Distance Shamanic Reiki Session 


Distance practice allows you to receive Reiki wherever you are regardless of distance.

 Duration of the session: 50min

65 euro

buddha reiki shamanic healing

Personalized Program of Shamanic Healing

Reiki sessions and ceremonies combined, to help you feel better, to regain your physical and emotional well-being and to overcome energy and evolutionary blocks.

I will build a program tailored to you to give you concrete results.

Number of sessions/ceremonies:

Max 3 to 6 (usually)

Feel free to write me for more information about the sessions.

Please note: Allow 15 - 30 mins on top of the sessions for Consultation and Shamanic Guidance.

This is included in the price.

Do you want to know more about Shamanic Reiki? Find out what it is and why it can help you heal, read the article on the blog.

More info about the Sacred Plants:

What is Sananga? The Sacred Eye Drops used by Shamans

What is Rapeh? Everything you need to know about this Shamanic Tool

You can even gift a session to your friend! Contact me for more information

On request I can do Reiki sessions to your animals: cats, dogs, horses, etc..

Contact me

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