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I participated in New Moon ceremony with plant medicine and sound journey. It was a great experience. Alessandro and Marjah created very relaxed and warm atmosphere that made me feel comfortable fast. Ceremony gave me again this light feeling that was a bit gone and helped me to take things easier and get back on my path. Also, I enjoyed that Alessandro introduced us with different plants and explained everything in very simple and easy language. And sound journey by Marjah was perfect add to ceremony to get the best out of it! It felt like they both were in the same wave as we and helped out with support and music! Thank you very much for this experience! As always, I received everything that I had to at that moment from sacred plants! :)

Līga Šmite

Absolutely brilliant session with Alessandro! I walked in the studio a little bit nervous from a demanding period, and I have to say that the realignment of energetic spots that you get with this method really helped me release the stress in the first place, and to move more easily through everyday life the following days.
Totally going to schedule another session very soon!

Andrea Cuoghi

About the Healer

Alessandro Ferrari

Alessandro has learned from authentic Peruvian Shamans the Healing Techniques that for millennia have been helping the indigenous peoples. Now he has decided to bring this knowledge here in Europe by settling in Berlin, to share these Wonderful Teachings and help all those who seek True Healing.

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