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Sacred Shamanic Medicine and Reiki Healing in Berlin

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I work with the powerful healing energy of Reiki combined with the ancient shamanic practices of South America. I can help you through the connection with the sacred spirits of Rapeh and Sananga, and with the powerful knowledge of Amazonian Forest Oracles.

 Thank you for the wonderful experience! 

I enthusiastically participated in a workshop with him where I could see the love, passion and enthusiasm he puts into what he does. The energy he transmits is as strong as his preparation. Thank you for the wonderful experience!

Stefania, a client

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Taking care of yourself today is very expensive. I know, you already have to pay for your yoga classes, your favorite organic food, your nights out on the weekend.

And then your inner work always remains in the last place. Almost forgotten.

That's why I prepared a discount for you: 

Your First Complete Shamanic Reiki Healing Session with 10% OFF. Sounds great, doesn't it?

So you can spend time for yourself to feel better with you and others. To solve the past and close the still open wounds.

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