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Sacred Shamanic Medicine and Reiki Healing in Berlin

What I Do

I work with the powerful healing energy of Reiki combined with the ancient shamanic practices of South America. I can help you through the connection with the sacred spirits of Rapé and Sananga, and with the powerful knowledge of Amazonian Forest Oracles.

 Thank you for the wonderful experience! 

I enthusiastically participated in a workshop with him where I could see the love, passion and enthusiasm he puts into what he does. The energy he transmits is as strong as his preparation. Thank you for the wonderful experience!

Stefania, a client

About me

I'm Alessandro Ferrari, a Shamanic Reiki Practitioner. Every day I work on myself to develop the Consciousness of the present moment, seeking and sharing Light and Love in the world.

I recently moved to Berlin in January 2019.

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I started my journey a few years ago through meditation, philosophy and metaphysics in Italy.

yin yang reiki shamanic healing

Then in 2017 I took a spiritual journey to Peru and everything changed. I discovered the power of Shamanism and Sacred Plants and rediscovered an ancient and dormant sense: feeling.

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So I started a path of reactivation and rediscovery of the light inside me, following the heart instead of the mind. And now "feeling" is the sense that I try to follow the most. I'll help you do the same. Why? To help heal others around you, and most importantly to heal yourself.

Get Your Coupon

Taking care of yourself today is very expensive. I know, you already have to pay for your yoga classes, your favorite organic food, your nights out on the weekend.

And then your inner work always remains in the last place. Almost forgotten.

That's why I prepared a discount for you: 

Your First Complete Shamanic Reiki Healing Session with 15% OFF. Sounds great, doesn't it?

So you can spend time for yourself to feel better with you and others. To solve the past and close the still open wounds.

Where I am

Address: Wundtstr 14057 Berlin

I just moved to Berlin in January 2019. For now I work from home, but I'm looking for a place to operate. You can come here or I can come to your home (I just need a bed or a mat, a pillow and some space to operate).

N.B. Sessions at your home will have a supplement starting from 10€ depending on the distance.

I speak English, Spanish and Italian.

I'm learning German from scratch, so please be patient ;-)

What is rapé?

Rapé is a Sacred Medicine, traditionally coming from the Amazon Forest and nowadays became popular and utilised in many other areas of the Earth.

Rapé is a herbal snuff made by tobacco powder mixed with ash from native trees and is known in the Amazon Rainforest for its effectiveness to cleanse the mind and body, to realign energy channels, to support increased intuition, to protect from bad spirits and diseases.

The Tobacco, is the Father Medicine, flower of the hearth, one of the first elementals of the Earth, used since ages in traditional rituals and considered one of the highest master plants, which brings peace and understanding in our lives.
Rapé is given by blowing it through the nostrils and each of these blows contain an intention and a prayer. It expands and balances our energetic field, tranquilizes thoughts, decongests the nasal channels, and it is an excellent natural anxiolytic, also allowing us to get in touch with our “Inner Shaman” activating and improving vision and clarity of mind.
This happens because tobacco is a medicine of clarity and purification in general, in the physical plane, as well as in the energetic plane, and thus it would help us to release and dissolve mental blockages (negative thoughts, fatigue, reluctance, fears, etc.).

Rapé increases perception, allowing us to observe in a broader way the cause and root of our blockages within the healing processes, helping us to relief the liver and removing fears, phobias, rages, anger, etc.
Rapé can be applied in a delicate way not occurring much physical effect, or in a strong dose, if requested, leading to more effects (even purging, sweating and shaking) of body healing and purification.

I will shortly write an in-depth article on Rapé.

Next events

  • Rapé Ceremony:   Sunday, March 3, BERLIN
  • Rapé Ceremony:   Sunday, March 17, BERLIN
  • Rapé Ceremony:   Sunday, March 31, BERLIN

To receive more information about the ceremonies and stay updated on upcoming events, click on the button below:


Contact me to receive more information about the sessions.

Please note: Allow 15 - 30 mins on top of the sessions for consultation and Shamanic guidance.

This is included in the price.

manipura reiki shamanic healing

Complete Shamanic Reiki Healing Session 

(Reiki+Rapé+Amazonian Oracle)

Shamanic Reiki Session with Chakra Balancing,

Rapé Ceremony and Amazonian Oracle Consultation.

Duration of the session:


150 euro

anahara reiki shamanic healing

Shamanic Reiki Session (Reiki or Rapé or Sananga)


You can choose from:

Reiki Healing Session,

Rapé Ceremony and Sananga Ceremony.

Duration of the session:


80 euro

vishudda reiki shamanic healing

Distance Shamanic Reiki Session 


Distance practice allows you to receive Reiki wherever you are regardless of distance.

 Duration of the session: 50min

60 euro

buddha reiki shamanic healing

Tailor-made Program of Shamanic Healing

Reiki sessions and ceremonies combined to help you feel better, to regain your physical and emotional well-being and to overcome energy and evolutionary blocks. I will build a program tailored to you to give you concrete results.

Number of sessions/ceremonies:

3 to 6 (usually)

Contact me

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