October 29, 2020

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Energy healing is a broad term used to describe a variety of holistic healing techniques that use the natural mind-body connection to promote emotional and physical well-being. By accessing, channeling, balancing and manipulating the body's natural energy centers, the energy healing processes can help maintain health.

While the practices vary in methods and techniques, each is based on the idea that every aspect of the body is intimately connected, and that by connecting the subconscious and consciousness, the whole body can participate to promote health and well-being. Unlike the prescription drugs and invasive surgeries of conventional medical practices, energy healing combines powerful physical, mental, and spiritual aspects to enable the body's natural healing.

In the United States alone, there are an estimated 52 million Americans used prescription drugs for non medical reasons at least once in their lifetimes.

This staggering statistic highlights how serious a public health risk prescription opioids, central nervous system depressants and stimulants can be. While many users initially take these common drugs to aid in physical and mental health, many of the studies have shown that prescription drugs can actually cause more damage to the body in the long run by increasing the effects of aging, causing irreversible damage to the heart and liver, and suppressing the immune system.

Fortunately, modern Western medicine is not the only solution to combat mental, physical and emotional ailments. Energy healing, for example, has been used for centuries to help people recover from illness, traumatic experiences, and other conditions. In this article, you can learn everything you need to know about energy healing. Look at this table to jump to your specific question:

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What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a technique or therapy, applied by a spiritual healer, that helps anyone to understand the different aspects of their energy field: the aura and its chakras, emotions, thoughts, and other spiritual aspects. The objective of energy healing is that the patient can understand and progressively recover health and well-being at all levels.

A healer uses various resources and diverse methods in order to obtain the physical, emotional and spiritual healing of the person. Energy healing can be done in person or from a distance, and is intended to bring light and energy to the places the person needs. This generates a greater and better integration of well-being in the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional body.

Energy healing is the method by which the healer moves the light, the energy, in order to apply it to the patient. Many titles have been given to this type of healing: Reiki, Theta Healing, Chi energy... but in the end they are just different methods of how to handle energy, and they all lead to the same end.
Healing heals the energy body and then heals the person completely.

Doctors and traditional medicine only treat the physical body, because not everyone knows the energetic body, or does not give it the importance it has. But if the energy body is not treated first, the person will not be healed.  They can recover, but they cannot heal. This means that the symptoms of an illness are suppressed but do not disappear forever. Energetic healing aims to get to the root of the disease so that it disappears forever.

Fortunately, more and more doctors are understanding this and are beginning to work with energetic methods. Energy healing is any technique that acts on our energy field, unblocking it, balancing it and enabling our energy circuits to function properly.

Our physical body is surrounded by light and energy, which in turn are connected to the universal energy. This is our energy system. When the energy is not flowing properly in your body, it gets sick. There may be blocked energy, stagnant energy or slow flowing energy.

How does Energy Healing work?

The disease is an external signal of an inner imbalance. Spiritual healing acts in a holistic way, involving the organism in its totality: physical, mind, emotional and spiritual sphere. All these parts interact with each other and often the true cause of an illness becomes evident only through its healing progress. The practitioners support the theory that there are seven main "energy centers" (chakras) in the body, each of which responds to the vibrations of healing energy with different speeds.

The seven chakras are: base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, forehead (third eye) and crown (it is not necessary to know exactly where these centers are to benefit from the therapy). While the base and crown centers have only one way out (at the base of the spine at the apex of the head), the other centers have two, one back, and through the whole body. Each center is related and infuses energy to a different part of the body and has different emotional, mental, and spiritual functions. The basic center, for example, is related to the adrenal glands, kidneys, bladder, spine, colon and legs.

When people are "with their feet firmly planted on the ground" or "balanced" it means that the basic center works properly. Chakra theory argues that when the base center is well-balanced the whole body functions more effectively withstands stress; this center provides vitality, stability and a healthy sense of self-preservation. If, on the contrary, the base center is unbalanced, feelings of fear, loss of self-esteem or shame emerge, even if the original cause is not understood. From a physical point of view, it is thought that this leads, among other things, to chronic constipation and spiritual tension.

The purpose of healing is to balance these centers so that energy can flow through them by making them vibrate correctly. When the energy is not flowing properly, it is said that a center is blocked.
The functioning of the centers is evaluated by perceiving the presence or absence of energy within the person. You are able to remove the blockage and replenish the center with healing energy. Healing also acts on the aura, which consists of seven invisible superimposed layers of energy surrounding the body. Each layer is powered by one of the seven energy centers and has a specific function.

It is said that the aura extends for about one meter around the body and contains all kinds of behaviors, emotions and trauma experienced during the current life, or, according to some operators, even previous lives. With this energetic technique you can sense where the negative areas or disorders are, caused by trauma suffered in the past, even during childhood, and with this work you can get help to solve them by working on them.

Without realizing it, we all use our intuition only in the superficial way. For example, every time you meet a stranger, your intuition will give you "skin" (or "belly") feelings. Unconsciously, you receive and process the messages that come from the invisible states of energy that surround the other, that is, from his aura. Likewise, the negative feelings and anger that come from others can penetrate your aura; think, for example, about what it feels like on public transportation at rush hour. The opposite is also true: positive energy can help reduce the effect of negative energy. Use the positive thoughts or exercise described below to help you deal with everyday situations.

People who work with energy have often experienced trauma or illness, but through exercise they have learned to balance their internal energy so that they can heal.

reiki shamanic energy healing berlin chakras

What is then Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing is based on the principle that the human being is healthy and whole when every aspect of his being is in harmony.
Malaise is commonly considered a genetic, environmental, social, etc. problem whose causes are to be sought outside.

Spiritual healing instead treats the disease as the manifestation of an imbalance that has deep internal origins, whether spiritual or mental, sentimental, emotional, communicative.
The spiritual healer maintains the vision of integrity and perfection that was present at the origin to bring back alignment and regeneration to those areas that have emerged from the energetic continuity becoming dysfunctional.

Moreover, like all therapies that have the ultimate goal of growth, he interprets the disease not as an enemy but as a valuable ally to be accepted, guiding towards the changes necessary to return to the harmony of the whole human being in its multidimensionality.

Spiritual Healing can therefore be defined as a healing process that through energy treatments is triggered from within the person who receives it, from the inner plane, that of the Soul.
It manifests itself by triggering self-healing mechanisms in the person on all the higher planes (emotional, mental, spiritual, psychological, energetic) mainly bringing a centering in the person on an emotional and psychological level.

People who receive treatments of this type are first of all feeling well inwardly and then in many cases outwardly because it restores the balance of the entire individual.

Today there are dozens of treatments defined "holistic" that take into account the body in its most complete form (not only the physical one) and which have the one and only purpose of giving the individual the opportunity to regain vital strength and well-being first and foremost from a spiritual, emotional, energetic, mental, psychological point of view that then in many cases also manifests itself on the physical.

The well-being on the physical body that can result when receiving a spiritual healing treatment must be considered only and exclusively a consequence (an effect/reflection) of what has settled on the other higher planes.
This is why we speak of Spiritual Healing and not Physical Healing.

Spiritual Healing does not cure the disease, but aims to restore the entire emotional, psychological and energetic balance to the best of its possibilities, to improve the mechanisms of self-healing, so that the body as a whole regains, in itself and through itself, the state of health whatever the problem.

Healing by faith

Unlike spiritual practitioners, those who use faith believe that in order to get the most out of this technique the patient must have a beautiful religious faith.

Distance Healing

There is a type of spiritual healing that can be practiced at a distance, called remote. The healer does not necessarily have to have the patient in front of him, but can even be found in another country. However, it is believed to be just as effective as healing through the laying on of hands. Healers in this case focus on the person and visualize that he is healing or send him healing energies.

The ideal condition for receiving this treatment is that you really want to heal; without this premise it will at least be useful to ask yourself what the greater good is for you. This therapy can be practiced on individuals, but also on families and entire communities, simply provide their name. It is particularly useful for people who are elderly, sick or have suffered an accident or who are unable to go to the healer in person.

If you want to send healing energy to someone try this exercise. Focus on your heart center and think with love and compassion about the person in question. Imagine her then wrapped in a bright light of healing energy. Exhale love and healing energy from your heart into the light. After several minutes, slowly make the scene you have visualized disappear.

Exercise to Protect Yourself from Everyday Stress

This initial psychic awareness exercise can help you withstand the pressures of daily stress. Perform this exercise for three minutes, preferably every morning.

Sit comfortably in a quiet place, with your feet on the ground, hands on your thighs with your palm facing up. Close your eyes. Focus on the spot in the middle of your chest, the center of your heart. Imagine you are breathing through this point. Take several slow, deep breaths and relax gradually, allowing the tension to flow out of your body.

Turn your thoughts to the area of your most stressed body and try to release the tension through your breath.

Press your feet to the ground, imagine long roots growing from the soles of your feet and sinking underground. Imagine a torrent of boiling lava in the center of the earth, think that the roots reach these depths. Think now of this red energy flowing through your legs up to the base of your spine. Sit for a few moments and let the heat penetrate inside you.

Gradually imagine a bright white light surrounding you like a big bubble. Inside this bubble of white light you feel good, protected from any negative influences. Perform this exercise even during the day, especially if you feel anxious or stressed.

Here are some frequently asked questions about spiritual and energy healing

How do the sessions take place?

You will have to stay dressed and with your eyes closed. Usually you sit on a chair or lie on the crib. At the beginning of the session you will be asked why you approached this operator and you should tell your situation. Some people work with their hands, for example, touching their feet, shoulders; others only work on the energy centers of the aura.

Discover more about the sessions here.

Do you feel anything?

Each person is different and the energy of each practitioner is also different. You may experience a feeling of warmth that is released from the hands of the practitioner and during the session you may experience more different feelings and emotions. You may feel very relaxed and need a few minutes to return to normal conditions.

Discover more about what you feel here.

The History of Energy Healing

The concept of energy healing goes back several thousand years to an ancient Indian spiritual tradition of universal energy called prana. Prana, or the breath of life, is based on the idea that universal energy is the basic component and source of every form of life. In the third millennium B.C., the ancient Chinese founded the belief that all matter beats with vital energy which they called chi. 

This universal energy is composed of two opposing forces, yin and yang, which when balanced, promote optimal physical and mental health. The common holistic practice of acupuncture, for example, is designed to help balance the energies - and yin and yang - in the body.Today, energy healing practitioners continue to use these and similar ideologies to help people access conscious and subconscious energies that can promote mental and physical health.

Energy Healing Techniques

There are several techniques of energy healing, but all have the same purpose: to facilitate the proper flow of energy for the body to function properly.

During a session of any method of energetic healing, the vital energy that exists in the Universe is channeled, with the purpose of unblocking the energetic system, and the problems at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level that a person with acute, chronic or serious illnesses may have.

This type of healing does not attack the illness, what it does is balance the energy and make it flow directly, this will make the organic and/or mental functioning of the person harmonize, so that in this way the organism itself regenerates and recovers its health.

After a session you will perceive a state of balance and serenity

During the healing, a deep relaxation takes place, as if you were in a deep state of meditation. In most cases you experience a connection to the void, a sense of lightness.  You can feel different temperatures, sometimes cold, sometimes hot and sometimes you see lights or colors, among other sensations.  It all depends on each person's process. But you will always feel more positive and with more mental clarity.

You experience many changes in your life and your body and there is a great expansion of consciousness and greater presence in the present moment. These therapies are not intended to replace the treatment of a doctor, but only to complement it.

Heal your soul and you will heal your body.

reiki shamanic healing berlin chakras crystal healing

Types of Energy Healing

Thanks to the prehistoric roots, the types of energy healing are practically infinite. However, there are several methods of energy healing that are prominently used by professionals around the world. These methods include:

Muscle Testing Based Methods

Initially used in the 20th century to measure muscle weakness in polio patients, this practice is now used in over 70 different techniques by more than one million professionals worldwide. Practitioners begin muscle testing by asking a definitive question and then evaluating the positive and negative muscle response. A strong muscle response is believed to indicate a "yes" or positive response, while a weak muscle response indicates a "no" response. By consulting the nervous system in this way, energy imbalances can be found and eliminated quite efficiently.

Magnetic Energy Healing

Magnets are used to release trapped emotions that could be contributing to ailments. But at the same time, magnets can also increase blood flow, improve flexibility, develop muscle strength, and relax and lengthen the muscles and soft tissues of the body. As stated in The Emotion Code, Magnet Healing is usually implemented after identifying trapped emotions, when a practitioner passes a magnet over the governing meridian in the patient's body three times.

When combined with the therapist's release intentions, this increases the movement of magnetic energy in the body and can help release and transform trapped emotional energy. Because the body functions according to the principles of biomagnetic energy, muscle testing can be used as a means to connect with the subconscious mind to identify the energies and emotions that can govern afflictions in the body, mind and spirit.

Chakra Balancing

Chakra, or "wheel" in ancient Sanskrit, refers to the vital energy force (or prana, as mentioned above) that moves within the human body. When balanced, the body's seven major chakras send optimal energy levels to each connected aspect of the mind, body and spirit. It is believed that unbalanced chakras, or energy that spins too fast or too slow, can have negative effects on the health of the body. Beginning with the root chakra, below the genitals, and ending with the crown chakra, above the crown, the chakra picture sheds light on the importance of maintaining balance within each of the seven chakras.

Crystal Healing

It is a technique based on the use of stones or gems, which deals with the maintenance and recovery of health, placing these in different parts of the body. It is also used in order to harmonize, stabilize and recover the energy that a person needs to feel healthy. Each stone has different healing properties.Each crystal has its own energy field and has the ability to contact all life in the animal kingdom.  The crystal operates in the human body producing "physical-mental-emotional balance" and spiritual and "harmony".

Click here to read the complete article on the topic.


It was developed in 1922 by the Japanese Zen Buddhist Mikao Usui. It has a spiritual origin, transmitting vital energy through the imposition of hands.

There is a widespread universal energy (cosmos, nature, etc.), which flows freely through our body. When it stops flowing, it causes diseases and other health problems, such as stress, to appear. Reiki masters can channel the universal life energy through their hands to unblock our life flow and awaken our defenses, balancing body, mind and spirit.

Along with other similar techniques such as "Therapeutic Touch" or "Healing Touch", it uses the practitioner's hands and relaxation to try to achieve a beneficial effect on the patient.

How the Chakras Work in Energy Healing

The body's seven major chakras are associated with a different set of organs and systems within the body. Because the entire concept of energy healing focuses on maintaining balance and health between the mind, body and spirit, the key is to ensure that all seven chakras are balanced. It is also important to note that each chakra corresponds to areas of the body that use a substantial amount of energy. The heart chakra, for example, contains sufficient electromagnetic energy that can be measured from several feet away.

However, if the heart chakra is closed or inactive, the flow of energy through the chakra is impeded, which can have a ripple effect on the other energy centers in your body.

The chakras also represent various aspects of consciousness along with parts of the physical body, so keeping the chakras well balanced can be essential when it comes to promoting a healthy mind and spirit, both key aspects of energy healing. Because of this interconnection, it is not uncommon for tension in a particular part of the consciousness to eventually produce physical symptoms. If you experience a breakdown in a bad relationship, for example, you may feel it in your heart chakra and experience tension in the nerves associated with your heart. Over time, that retained tension may intensify and manifest in external physical symptoms that healing and chakra balancing may resolve. By regularly practicing energy healing techniques such as chakra healing, you can address and potentially even reverse the symptoms of physical illness and disease.

How Trapped Emotions can cause Chakra Imbalance

In the holistic community, the phrase "trapped emotions" is commonly used to describe unconscious emotional energies that exist as a result of intense or traumatic emotional events that have not been fully processed and released from the body or mind. When emotional energy such as this is trapped, various organs or glands in the body may become victims. Because each of the seven chakras correlates to an organ in the body, when an emotion is trapped in an organ of the body, it could interfere with the flow of energy through the chakra. The trapped energy of the trapped emotions can begin to cause disruption, physical discomfort, restlessness, dramatic emotional changes and sadness. Fortunately, through energy healing methods such as reiki and chakra balancing, these emotions can be identified, processed and extinguished from the body, restoring a healthy and balanced chakra system.

What is Distance Energy Healing?

So how does this apply at a distance? Well, the root of this answer is found in Quantum Physics, and particularly in the 2 main quantum theories.

The first is that of Non-Locality (which Einstein referred to as "the inexplicable action at a distance") and the second is Quantum Entanglement. In short; it has been observed that what affects a particle in a certain place, also affects another particle (atom, photon, molecule...energy), apparently separated and that is in another location. The concept of Entanglement is commonly seen in mothers who can "feel" when their babies need them or with twins who can "feel" what the other feels.

However, I will quote the internationally recognized cell biologist, Bruce H. Lipton, who, in my opinion, has summarized it wonderfully in Chapter 2 of his  book, "The Honeymoon Effect" (2013), entitled Good Vibrations, "...once a particle interacts (or in quantum language, "entangle") with another particle, no matter how far apart they are, (that's not local), their mechanical states are held together.

If, for example, the rotational direction of a particle is clockwise, the rotational direction of its intricate twin is counter-clockwise... No matter how far apart they are, when the polarity of the rotation of one of the particles changes, the polarity or rotation of its twin also changes simultaneously, even if one is in Paris and the other in Beijing".

The importance of intention

When we heal at a distance (or scientific research is conducted to prove the above theory) we need to be focused on what we are doing - energy healers call this "intention", but their purpose comes back to the fact that thoughts are energy and positive thoughts attract their peers, and then that interconnection we all possess becomes stronger when it is specifically directed.

I don't know if this has answered your questions - I can only explain it as I see it and as I said earlier I am not a scientist, but for those of you who are not sure, I have to ask, why not just believe?

After all, I don't understand electricity very well but I know, believe and hope that the light will come on as soon as I push the switch. I don't understand too well how the internet works but I know, believe and hope for answers when I google them... and there are millions of people, maybe you are one of them (?), who don't understand too well the chemistry of the drugs they are prescribed, yet "believe" and "hope" that they work (now we are touching on the concepts of the Placebo Effect which may be a relevant topic to explore... but that is another story!)

We are all connected in the great cycle of life! - The Lion King

To finish this section I will quote Bruce Lipton again:

Once we accept the fact that we are fundamentally energy beings inextricably connected to the vast, dynamic energy field of which we are a part, we can no longer see ourselves as powerless, isolated individuals. - Bruce Lipton

In other words, we are all connected and empowered within this energy connection of ours. If you still have doubts, I can only say, try it - go ahead, flip the switch and let there be light!

 How You Can Become an Energy Healer


More and more people are asking to undertake paths of inner growth in order to become in turn Healers, Channels able to help other people to live their lives in a better and more serene way. Becoming a Spiritual Healer is possible for everyone, because the only real and strong motivation that the person MUST have is ONLY "TO BRING LOVE AND BE LOVE IN THE LIFE OF OTHERS".

With this LIGHT OF LOVE in the Soul, everyone is able, of course after specific preparation courses to channel the energy necessary to bring SPIRITUAL HEALING to others.

There is no ideal age to be a good healer.

There are very young people "lucky and already awakened, Ancient Souls who remember their ancestral past" who undertake these paths, aware that these energies ARE the ENERGIES of the NEW ERA, aware that through their help, many more Souls will be awakened.

And there are adult people, also very advanced in their years, who can finally express and GIVE THEIR inner Love, without the conditioning and judgements of their families and people around them, realizing a NEW PURPOSE, a NEW phase of their existence, rewarding and very involving.

Do you want to start this path too? Then visit my courses page.          

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About the author 

I'm Alessandro Ferrari, a Shamanic Reiki Master, creator of Reiki Shamanic Healing. Every day I work on myself to develop the Consciousness of the present moment, seeking and sharing Light and Love in the world. ​I work with the powerful healing energy of Reiki combined with the ancient shamanic practices of South America. I can help you through the connection with the sacred spirits of Rapé and Sananga, and with the powerful knowledge of Amazonian Forest Oracles.

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