Shamanic healing is something completely new to me I decided to give a try after doing my personal research then I stumble upon Allessandro home page. Alessandro is a warm hearted, down to earth person he was very supportive during the ceremony and after, the ceremony has really helped me to realigned with my real self, from a restlessness to stressful every day living. I can’t thank him enough but will definitely visit again.

Bayo Yomi

Absolutely stunning experience with one of the nicest person ever meet, Alessandro! He helped guiding me and sharing the informations required for a great Healing, with techniques and knowledges powerful and made with love and passion. His use of sacred plants has shamanic roots, and I couldn’t be happier to have been chosen his powerful Reiki to improve my wealth. Positive vibrations and highly recommended! Ahoo ?

Roberto Sacco

I was looking for an alternative way to detoxify and reconnect with myself deeper. When looking up Shamanism in Berlin I stumbled upon Alessandro's page. Since being a Reiki practitioner myself the idea of combining sacred plants with the Reiki in the way of Shamanism sounded very promising. From his writings on the website where everything is well explained I felt already it'll be a wonderful experience.

When meeting Alessandro first I could feel his loving and calming energy. During the session he guided me with patience and wisdom. The environment set was very comfortable, safe and loving which was supporting the whole experience. The experience helped me to get deeper insights and fill myself with love and light. Don't hesitate to get a session from this loving soul you'll definitely will experience love from the source.

I have gratitude for the experience and connecting with a brother of light. Ahoo ?❣️

Julian GE

Absolutely brilliant session with Alessandro! I walked in the studio a little bit nervous from a demanding period, and I have to say that the realignment of energetic spots that you get with this method really helped me release the stress in the first place, and to move more easily through everyday life the following days.
Totally going to schedule another session very soon!

Andrea Cuoghi

Amazing experience. Alessandro was very kind and extremely helpful. He went through every part of the ceremony and made sure I knew what plants we were using, how and why. He was very supportive and made sure I was always comfortable. It's been two weeks and I feel my intentions have come to fruition and I can see so much more clearly now! ???

Magda Kuzminski

La verdad es que vale la pena intentar cosas diferentes y el Reiki shamanic healing fue una muy buena experiencia, Alessandro realmente es un profesional en el tema y muy preciso en su trabajo, altamente recomendable

Lidi Jaramillo Santillan

I loved the ceremony! I learned a lot of amazing and exciting things, and got in touch with my core self-through sacred Amazonian plants. Highly recommended! ???

Olesja Kisselmann

I decided to try shamanic healing because I felt really unbalanced, tired and stressed and I wanted to rediscover the connection with myself.
The sacred plant ceremonies combined with reiki really helped me throughout this process. With the sananga I could let go many stucked old feelings and thanks to the rapé I could find news ways to face life and a new perspective to manage daily problems.
Throughout the sessions Alessandro gave me many useful advices to keep working by myself.
I can only be grateful.

María López Aragón

I attended two Reiki Sessions with Alessandro in the last weeks. Thank you so much! Both have been wunderful, exotic and in the meantime calming experiences. I feel that the Reiki and the Input that Alessandro gave, both helped to clear blockages. I felt relieved and clearer after the first session and even better after the second. He is able to guide the process and provides a beautiful sacred space. Overall, the sessions helped me not less than to change my perspective. I totally recommend this experience and I´ll surely come back. Ci vediamo presto Grazie ancora, Alessandro!

Martina Presley

My sananga, rapé, reiki and amazonian cards experience with Alessandro exceeded my expectations. I came across it at a time in my life where I needed direction and when I saw this I instantly flew to Berlin (I live in Amsterdam). South American healing plants have always interest me and so when I saw this I knew it was meant to be. Alessandro has a beautiful meditation room which makes you feel right at home. He guided everything with so much detail and asked if I had any questions all before we began. He mentioned what sananga is for and rape which helps better make your intentions before going into it. He truly made the experience. He was not only kind, but was knowledgeable considering he has mentored with a shaken in Peru. He is Italian but knew perfect English and Spanish and his calm ease and loving approach made it feel like I was just in Peru feeling the Hispanic genuine warmth I so miss (I’m Mexican). Of course the eye drops hurt and the rapé burns but it’s all for a better cause. Tell yourself you are here to heal, open yourself up and let the plants and Alessandro guide you. It’s now been 1 week and I can tell my social anxiety was completely diminished. I am so beyond comfortable in my own skin and I feel so clear headed. This all has allowed me to see the world differently and give me the inner strength to keep self improving as it’s a never endearing journey. Thank you Alessandro for being a wonderful guide in my path to self discovery! ?

Andréa Chavez

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