November 14, 2020

reiki shamanic healing crystal healing gemstones

Crystal Healing or Crystal Therapy is a complementary practice that uses the energy of crystals (precious and semi-precious stones) to make small and big changes in people's lives.

It eliminates dysfunctions or discomfort through the use of crystals and mineral stones, working on subtle planes.

Each crystal in fact has beneficial properties to restore balance and harmony in the individual on various levels, through interaction with the energy body of the human being.

The properties of stones and crystals and their effectiveness were discovered thousands of years ago in many of the most ancient civilizations. The crystals were used during ceremonies, to divine the future, as a good luck charm and for the treatment of specific ailments.

There are many crystals in nature. Some are difficult to find and others, such as amethyst or hyaline quartz, are common and very cheap. All stones affect your life to some extent but do not forget that they do not change who you are, they simply help you to develop your many potentialities.Today we will see how it works, how to choose a stone and how to use it in everyday life.

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What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal Healing or Crystal Therapy is one of the methods in alternative medicine to help prevention and healing on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level of the being, for which precious stones, semi-precious stones and crystals are used.

When a Crystal comes into contact with us, an automatic connection is produced, our energy field is perfectly connected to the energy field of the Crystal or Stone, thus producing an exchange of light and information to activate potentials and energies that are often latent.

Crystals, with their diverse colors and shapes, accumulate energy and function as batteries that feed and harmonize our own energy field. With them the person can reach a state of inner peace and total serenity.

From the oriental vision it borrows the concept of chakras - the so-called energy centers - and of nadi - the channels in which this energy flows to the various organs called prana - and elaborates the most varied ways of use with crystals starting from some simple postulates:

-in the human body there is an energy field that interacts with the universal energy.

-both mental and physical disorders are nothing more than an energetic imbalance within man and between man and the environment.

-in order to eradicate the malaise, this energy flow must be re-balanced

-crystals transmit energy vibrations that, reflecting on human energy flows, amplify or reduce their intensity

The properties of crystals are many, each one deserves a separate study and, if you want to get closer to crystal healing, you need to know so that you can choose the most suitable one according to your needs.

The Buddhist principle of dependent origination (in Sanskrit Pratītyasamutpāda) expresses the interdependence of all things: no being or phenomenon exists in itself, but exists or manifests itself because of its relations with other beings or phenomena, so nothing can exist independently or manifest itself in isolation.

Even official science today states that living beings spend their existence immersed in an ocean of frequencies and vibrations of which they are part.

If every element of the Universe is connected to all the others, then it means that it "responds" to the vibrational frequency of all the others.

A stone can work like an instrument tuner: with delicate, slow and gradual work, it is able to tune and interact with the subtlest layers of our energy field, "exchanging" its notes with ours and helping us to bring back into balance an inner disharmony or low frequency.

A journey between crystal therapies and stones, on the path of healing, which must be walked like a journey, enjoyed step by step.

Why and For What Purpose do You Use Crystal Healing?

The healing treatment with stones and crystals is done with the intention of balancing energies, promoting change, and manifesting something ethereal on the material plane.

Each gem has particular energetic properties that affect the physical, emotional and spiritual plane of the person who uses them in different ways.

The crystal healing process is based on the fact that everything around us, including us, is composed of atoms, and these in turn are composed of protons, neutrons and electrons-all spinning and vibrating in an electromagnetic field.

When we use crystals, we are introducing their particular vibration and creating a change in this energetic field with which we work, be it the human body or a specific space. These effects can be felt immediately or perhaps progressively and often depend on different factors such as the intention with which the treatment is done, the crystal chosen and other therapies used.

reiki shamanic healing crystal healing gemstones

The Crystal Healing Journey

Minerals come from the heart of our planet and are formed over thousands of years.

Gems and crystals are manifestations of the creation, spreading vibrations of pure light and healing energies. By using them we remember and reveal, through their messages, what the Universe expects from us and what we are prepared or willing to manifest in this incarnation. Each mineral with its message reminds us of our soul's purpose and our karmic mission.

 The wonderful thing about their energies is that, when we are ready, they connect us to the supreme wisdom and consciousness that is our greatest and best teacher. The wisdom and intelligence of the crystals purify and amplify the thoughts and emotions of those who feel akin to the mineral world.

By using the crystals consciously they will help expand your field of knowledge, perception and acceptance; amplifying them. A crystal is not an object, a thing, or "just a stone", it will have an effect on you, and you on it for growth and evolution. They are true guides, teachers, not just solid objects. If this is clear to you, you can begin your journey of exploration into this wonderful realm and heal with it. Be aware that the crystal you use will reflect what lies deep within your own mind.

The purpose of those minerals that come into our lives, is to show us the path of healing to reorder the energy of love and reconciliation with ourselves; to heal ourselves by bringing light to painful memories.

Using them, step by step we are undressing the karma, releasing the past and dissolving or cutting those ties or ancestral bonds that limit and block us.

The History of Working with Crystals

Crystal healing is included among the modern new age techniques but in reality the roots of its history melt far away in time. There are many cultures in the world that used them both in terms of energy, spiritual and physical health. From the Egyptians to the Sumerians they used the stones both for the well-being of the individual and the community.

The crystals were used to make bracelets, necklaces, jewelry of all kinds. They were precious healing amulets. Notions that have mostly been lost and that have come to us today in the form of legendary tales.

The oldest treatise on the virtues of the stones at our disposal is On the Rocks by the Greek philosopher Theophrastus (371-287 BC), also referred to by Pliny the Elder (23/24-79 AD) in his Naturalis Historia.

Crystal Healing Benefits

There are several reasons why you may successfully use Crystal Healing, here are the main ones:

  • First of all, this discipline harmonizes body, mind and spirit in order to achieve an optimal state of well-being; you can achieve this status by applying the crystal in the area to be treated, or simply wearing it (for example in the form of pendants, bracelets or necklaces);
  • A synergy of crystals is able to harmonize the environment in which we live, especially those domestic areas where we spend most of our time, such as the living room or the bedroom; in particular, it is always good to keep our favorite stones near the bedside table;
  • Thanks to the targeted application of crystals it is possible to remove blocks or energy stagnation; this is achieved by applying the stone or crystal in the area of the Chakra to be treated; the stones in fact can harmonize our chakras. For each of the energy centers of our body there are different stones that can be used to harmonize it.
    You can read more about this by reading the article about the 7 chakras.
  • Some crystals (such as Rock Crystal or Citrine Quartz) are able to harmonize the entire system of the Chakras; but you can also obtain excellent results thanks to a targeted synergy of minerals and/or crystals;
  • The crystals help us to manage our emotionality and anxious states (for example thanks to Rose Quartz or Moonstone) and to bring out old traumas that we have buried in our unconscious (with black stones such as Obsidian, Tourmaline, etc.); other times, the stones help us to overcome moments of transition, such as the change of home or work;
  • In crystal healing some crystals promote a restful sleep; among them we remember Amethyst, Blue Chalcedon, Lepidolite, Rhodochrosite and Emerald;
  • Some crystals are able to make us remember dreams; for example, it is always good to keep a Malachite under the pillow, in order to keep in us the memory of what we dreamed;
  • Crystals can be used successfully in meditation; in fact, they allow us to take root in the Here and Now and make us more aware. Among the crystals most used in meditation, we remember: Rock Crystal, Amethyst, Citrine Quartz, Mookaite, Rainbow Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Hematite and Fossil Wood.

Different Uses of Crystals: How to Use the Stones

At the base of the whole universe there is energy. It is valid for the planet, for animals, for plants and yes, for crystals. Stones vibrate with primordial energy. Many quartzes are also used in modern technology. Although crystal healing works on well-being through energy, it can interact with every plane of the human being. Physical, mental, energetic and spiritual. For example, the stones can intervene on headaches, stress, a blockage at the level of one of the chakras, etc..

Stones give energy, they bring change. Some stones, however, balance, and is useful when you are in imbalance. There are many ways to work with crystals in the healing field. You can:

  • Wear them. This way you balance the energy field. They absorb and transmit energy and can help you a lot. This is a Prolonged Contact: The stone is always carried for long periods of time in direct contact with the skin and is worn for example as a pendant or bracelet.
  • Place them. Put the crystals on a part of the body to get the specific effect you need. For example, if you have a headache, place it on your head. This is a temporary application: the stone is periodically placed on the part of the body to be treated.
  • Meditate with them. It helps you to relax your mind and at the same time receive incredible insights. Most likely your crystal is millions of years old and has an incredible amount of information in its memory. Meditation: With the stone worn or in your hand, you focus through breathing or visualization.
  • Sleep with them. With stones you can sleep with them so that they can act on you, without your rational mind interfering in any way with your doubts and fears. You can place them under your pillow.
  • Move them. Move the stone within your energy field. You can use a classic stone, a rock crystal tip or a wand.
  • Place them in the environment. You can simply hold the stones in place. You can place one stone on the desk where you work, one in the bedroom, one in the kitchen or living room. Each stone has its own energy and will help you! Stones with a wide range of action (i.e. large enough, like druse) can be placed in the room where the person lives and have an effect on the whole apartment or part of the house.
  • Create grids. Crystals can be combined into grids, geometric combinations that combine the sacred geometry of numbers with the power of crystals.

Everything that You Can Do with Crystals

reiki shamanic healing crystal healing gemstones


Using crystals in meditation serves to awaken and develop intuition, connecting us with the deepest energies of our being. They help us to probe the depth of some subject or situation that we want to address.

We can use them to channel information about something specific that we want to know. I suggest that you take this topic seriously and with a lot of humility since it is very easy for the ego to interfere with the channeling. I also suggest that you keep in mind not to involve other people when you are channeling information through the crystals, as the crystal will tune into your frequency. If your intention is to ask for someone, ask the soul of that person or being for permission so that you can perceive what they need and respect their decision. Be neutral when you ask for others.

Always be careful not to be intrusive to other people. If you wish to resolve a conflict or clarify a situation with someone, always ask yourself what is in that situation for your learning, or what understanding you need for that situation. This way the crystal will tune in exactly to your frequency without interference from other thoughts or energies.

When you work with crystals keep in mind that you may feel different sensations, such as your palms getting very hot, you start yawning, you feel like an electricity in your whole body or in some part of it, electric shocks, heat, cold, goose bumps, different vibrations, difference between one part of the body and the other feeling that the left side of the body feels different from the right, that the spine is misaligned, listening to the heartbeat, increased sensitivity in general, and also the hearing, that the stones that are in contact with the body are very hot, you feel the flow of energy, that old pains, memories, forgotten situations, colors, may also happen to you to fall asleep. If any of these sensations occur to you, keep your deep breathing and your consciousness alert, because behind these manifestations there is a message for you.


The harmonization with the crystals is a way to put you in axis, to look for your center. That inner place that balances you, calms the excesses of mind or the overflow of emotions and helps you perceive another focus.

With the harmonization you integrate with your whole Being. All your bodies align and your aura becomes compact, ordering and balancing all your aspects. You can practice harmonization with one or more crystals.

A harmonization prepares you to enter into another deeper stage in the process with the crystals. In the stage of harmonization you open yourself to receive the spiritual energy and align your mind with the higher aspects freeing you from the bondage of wandering, continuous, and distracting thoughts. The process of harmonization places each chakra in a state of relaxation that allows it to release anger, fear, distress or other emotions that alter and consume your life energy.

A harmonization can last as long as you need. Trust, your body will let you know.

Harmonization of the House

Crystals can help harmonize the house. Feng Shui has researched and incorporated the crystals for that purpose achieving the natural flow of energy.

But if you do not have someone to advise or perform Feng Shui in your home or workplace, you can use some stones that will help.

To clean and maintain the energies of the house in a harmonious way I recommend you to use Black Tourmaline. You can place it somewhere that you feel the house needs it. If you find that there is a place where there are more arguments or fights, place it there. If not, you can also place it behind the front door. This stone will always be cleansing the dense negativities or energies.

Another stone that you can use to keep the energy of your house stable and grounded without the energies leaking out is the Hematite. This is a stone that will hold the house connected to the Earth, that is to say, situations where it cannot be realized, where projects are diluted or stagnant, the Hematite will move that energy.

I advise you to put a Hematite in every corner of the perimeter of the house. If it is a work place where there are other people and desks, take the space where you move, or there you can place 4 Hematites forming a square. You can also place it in a room, but always follow the layout of the square in the corners.

Of course a Transparent Quartz or an Amethyst are always very welcome in a house. They will give light, energy, clear the heavier places and will always be radiating Light, wherever it is needed. You can put it anywhere as an ornament, on the table, desk, display case, altar, light table. Always follow your intuition and let the stone guide you where it wants to be.


The Healing process is already another deeper stage to which the crystals lead you.

You have to formulate a clear purpose. You have to know that you want to heal and if you are willing to enter into the healing process.

This process involves a deeper and more complete commitment to yourself. There will be challenges on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This means that you will find that you are truly a whole being and that everything is related to each other, that every thought generates emotions and those emotions if not expressed consciously are lodged in the body, generating over time disharmony, pain and illness.

All healing is a process of death and rebirth, of transformation. We become aware of the old, which no longer serves us, and we look for ways to let it go and simultaneously enter a rebirth. This process is healing, cleansing, stimulating, protecting, helping us to live in the present.

Aura's Cleansing

The Aura is the electromagnetic energy that surrounds our physical body and integrates all our subtle bodies. The crystals, as they enter in tune with our energy, purify our aura.

If we are conscious and perform some purification exercise, our aura is impregnated by the light of the crystals, releasing all kinds of densities.

Drinking Water Structured with Crystals

Another way to use the crystals is to place them in water, preferably mineral or purified water, and leave the crystal inside the pitcher or glass with water.

Make sure that the container is always made of smooth glass. Do not use plastic.

Leave the glass for at least two hours. If you can place it in the sun or near some plant it will be better. I recommend that if you place it in the garden, terrace or balcony, cover it with a gauze so that the water does not fill up with impurities. Then you can drink this water in all its forms. In infusions, teas, mate, or simply drink only the water.

There are some stones like Green Aventurine that resist boiling and help the digestive processes and the release of stress and tension in the digestive system. If you have heaviness, pain, pressure in the mouth of the stomach (solar plexus), acidity; you can drink this water for days until the symptoms diminish. Anyway be aware of your process, taking care of your body and consulting a doctor.

Sleeping with Crystals

Some stones and crystals are very beneficial to relax before sleeping, to stop the mind and be able to rest, have a good sleep, a restful sleep. We know that sleep is a psychic balancer through which we process diurnal remains and blockages that can be represented through dreams in a symbolic way.

Amethyst is an excellent crystal for harmonizing the mind and gently entering into relaxation and sleep. You can place it under your pillow, or when you go to bed, place it on your back for a few minutes and place the crystal over your third eye. Keep a long, deep breath, concentrating on exhaling all thoughts and calming the mind. Maintain an even inhalation and exhalation. Always exhaling all thoughts, worries, fears, tensions. Then you can leave it or sleep with it.

A Rose Quartz can help you in the processes of the heart, with some emotions that take away your sleep. Put it on your heart chakra and breathe in the pink color softening and expanding the heart.

You can use Amethyst and Rose Quartz together.

Another stone that helps you remember dreams is Labradorite. It is a beautiful stone with shades of blue, green and gold that introduces you directly to the depths of these colors. When you go to bed, connect with the stone, talk to it and ask it to help you remember your dreams when you wake up.

If you are in the midst of an intense healing process, dreams are an important part of it and can be very helpful. They are always showing you aspects of your personality, even if other characters appear in the dream.

Body Layout

Another way to use the Crystals is to place them on the body. This means placing stones over each chakra and keeping you focused on your purpose. Breathing the energy of the crystals into each chakra can be a good exercise.

How to Purify Crystals

To make the most of the properties of stones and crystals it is necessary to purify them, cleansing them from the energies they have retained.

Although the energy is stable in them, they have the capacity to store information, so where they are, they receive that energy that surrounds them.

Purifying the stones allows us to restore their energetic strength and therapeutic properties. To do this we can use different methods, simple but effective.

Not all stones can be purified in the same way. Some stones in contact with certain substances can be damaged. For each crystal you are using, you should find out which is the best method.

The most common one remains that of purification in running water, such as that of a tap or a river. It is a technique very suitable for all stones belonging to the quartz family.

Wash the crystals with cold running water for a few minutes, then leave them to soak in water for 24 hours adding plenty of salt. At the end rinse the stones with running water. This practice will discharge the negative energies accumulated by the crystal.

You can also put some stones "soak" in salt, without water or other stones should be buried under the ground to make the earth take away all the negative energies accumulated by the stone.

How to Charge the Crystals

If you wish to proceed with the loading, know that the two most common techniques are sunbathing or moonbathing. While the moon is good for all stones, the sun technique is not. For example, quartzes do not like this method and they risk to get ruined. Very powerful is the technique of loading the stones in a "full moon bath" once a month.

A last effective way to purify a crystal is to use others, such as a quartz or amethyst geode.

How to Clean Dirty Stones

To clean stones from dust and other dirt you must be careful not to use products that attack the stone itself and each, always remember, is different. In the various info about crystals, however, you can find the best way for each one. Most stones do not like household cleaning products and it is better to proceed with a quick passage under water (not all of them) and after a thorough drying with a soft cloth of natural fiber.

What to do When a Crystal Breaks

What should I do when a stone breaks? It really depends on why it broke. It can happen because of a collision for example or because it has come into contact with an element that has damaged it. In this case you don't have to do anything. If, on the other hand, you think that it broke due to unnatural causes, then it means that it has finished its purpose and maybe you can bury it in some plant in the house.

Crystal Elixir

In crystal healing, crystals are counted among the so-called "vibrational remedies". In this sense, we can define a crystal as a valid energetic tool, able to rebalance the various disharmonies in our body and bring us back to an optimal state of well-being. They, in fact, have characteristics that allow it to intervene where the imbalance is present in its initial form, i.e. at an energetic level.

The simplest methodology to adopt, in this case is the crystal elixir. It is possible to use, in this case, a single stone or a crystal synergy aimed at the imbalance to be treated.

For example, a Rose Quartz elixir gives us the vibration of unconditional love.

How do you prepare an elixir of crystals?
There are two methods: one direct and one indirect.

First, before describing these procedures, the crystal must have been previously purified and charged. With the direct method you place the crystal in a glass containing water.

This method is not recommended in case the crystals contain toxic substances, such as Alexandrite, Rock Salt, Amazonite, Amber, Angelite, Calcite, Celestine, Epidote, Labradorite, Garnet, Malachite, Opal, Hawkeye, Tiger's Eye, Rhodocrosite, Ruby, Serpentine, Topaz, Black Tourmaline, and Zoisite.

Other crystals, moreover, could melt if placed in direct contact with water, since they have a porous structure; among them we remember Selenite, Aragonite, Sulfur and Turquoise.

There are also crystals containing copper or iron (such as Pyrite, Cuprite, Dioptase, Chrysocollase, Magnetite), for which direct contact with water is not recommended, as they may lose their shine or oxidize and get rust.

The indirect method is, in my opinion, to be preferred, since it does not involve direct contact of the crystal with water, which is placed in a small glass, which, in turn, is placed in a wooden or terracotta bowl containing water. It is recommended to carry out these methods during a crescent moon period for a time of at least 8 hours.

Afterwards, this energized water is placed in a dark glass vial adding a few drops of brandy as a preservative. You can take 3 to 7 drops sublingually up to 4 times a day.

Crystal Healing and Chakra Healing

Tell me the chakra and I'll tell you the crystal.

In the first chakra, the root chakra (where you sit) it is recommended to use smoky quartz. This helps to release tension and strengthen personal safety. Another crystal that helps is the hematite, which connects our energy with the iron in the body, generates vitality, more strength, helps to detoxify the blood issue and that we do not lose energy during the day.

In the second chakra, the sexual one (lower abdomen), it is recommended the cornelian. This crystal works with the female energy, but does not mean that it is only for women, in this sense the female energy refers to the ability to create. It increases creativity and enjoyment of the joy of life. Another stone is garnet, which is the energizer of all crystals. It stimulates passion, strength, and can be used when the body feels tired.

In the third chakra, the solar plexus, it is recommended, according to the expert, to work with citrine, which is a yellow quartz. This transmits the energy of the sun, provides personal power, and when placed in the mouth of the stomach helps improve stomach problems. "It's like drinking chamomile water. Another crystal is pyrite, which connects with abundance and makes the person aware of personal value.

In the fourth chakra, the heart, pink quartz is used to connect with love, increase self-esteem, make the user aware of how much love is given and how to care for it, this makes it easier to be able to find a partner.

Also used is green quartz or green aventurine, a crystal in charge of connecting with nature, improving health and releasing tension. It is used to improve physical pain in the neck, back and head.

In the fifth chakra, the throat, sodalite is recommended, which is conducive to express what we really are and feel, it removes the fear of exposing the feelings. Another crystal is the blue lace agate, which allows us to express ourselves from love. It is especially good for children because it allows them to be calmer.

In the sixth chakra, the forehead, it is recommended to use amethysts, because it allows us to connect with what we are. It is a stone that has worked a lot for issues of insomnia. Fluorite is also used, which allows us to open up to the possibilities when we do not see the solutions.

In the seventh chakra, the crown of the head, there are several crystals but the most representative is the transparent quartz. What it does is that it helps us to connect with the light, the transparency, our essence.

The Energetic and Healing Power of Every Stone

The energy power often varies according to the color of the stone. A synthetic representation is as follows:

  • red crystals, such as ruby and tourmaline, stimulate circulation, fight physical and mental weakness.
  • blue crystals, such as aquamarine, lapis lazuli, sapphire, relieve pain and cramps.
  • green crystals, emerald, green tourmaline, have detoxifying power.
  • orange crystals - such as opal, topaz, cornelian - act on metabolism, lungs and heart and on pains.
  • yellow crystals, such as citrine quartz and garnet, are purifying, act on digestion and intestine, and on the immune system.
  • purple crystals, such as amethyst, purple fluorite, combat fatigue and stress
  • black crystals, onyx, black tourmaline, normalize energies
  • transparent crystals, no healing powers are attributed in the proper sense, but it is said to enhance the therapeutic virtues of others

The chemical present also affects the function of the crystal, for example hematite iron improves immune defenses, ruby chromium reduces cholesterol; aquamarine lithium fights mood alterations.

Last but not least, the virtue of crystals is their proven ability to protect against electromagnetic waves.

Most Important Stones used in Crystal Healing

reiki shamanic healing crystal healing gemstones

Hyaline Quartz (or Rock Crystal)

The Hyaline Quartz is the "King of Quartz", is a crystal also called "Rock Crystal", among the most common minerals on Earth.

The use of hyaline quartz has ancient origins but it is also used today, like other crystals, to decongest and purify stagnant energies in the body and energy field, thanks to its purity and ability to transform and harmonize energy.

Thanks to its high energy frequency it is among the most famous types of quartz, used in holistic medicine for the purification of energy centers (along with other stones such as rose quartz, amethyst, etc.). It is suitable to work on every chakra, in particular the seventh one.

In energy treatments, hyaline quartz is able to channel the energies of the chakras upwards, stimulating a harmonious rebalancing of energy and promoting contact with the Higher Self.

It works on the mental level helping to order thoughts and clear the mind, on the inner level it helps to awaken the spirit and is of great help in personal growth because it infuses beneficial positive energy.

Hyaline quartz dissolves negative energies and strengthens positive energies, it is perfect for giving power to positive affirmations, prayers and sending healing thoughts.


Carnelian is an orange-red chalcedony stone used since ancient times. It is connected to the first chakra and therefore helps to manage physical energy.

It favors metabolic functions, useful for blood purification, to mitigate kidney problems and abdominal pain.

On an inner level it develops courage and supports inner work on addictions and depressive states.


Amethyst is a variety of violet-colored quartz known mostly in the form of druse or geode (hollow rock with sharp crystals).

It is one of the most known and appreciated stones for its shape, its color and its properties, is used from jewelry to therapeutic use.

Amethyst has many beneficial effects, it is useful against headaches, for insomnia, to relieve pain and stimulate digestion and metabolism.

In addition to its physical benefits, amethyst is a stone widely used in crystal healing and is considered the stone of spirituality and enlightenment. It favors spiritual awakening, provides serenity and wisdom and allows for higher states of consciousness.

It is one of the most suitable stones for prayer and meditation, is connected to the sixth chakra and, by acting on the epiphysis, helps to develop the sixth sense. It favors intuition and inspiration, it keeps negative thoughts away.

Amethyst is a stone of protection from all kinds of negativity, it offers a subtle shield to avoid the effects of the heavy energies of people and environments, also useful to harmonize the energy of home.

Tiger Eye

It is a quartz crystal characterized by yellow, brown and golden streaks, similar to the eye of the tiger, hence the name. It is also known as a stone that attracts money and brings luck in gambling.

The eye of the tiger is connected to the third chakra and is related to one's personal power, will and integrity. It is the stone of the true spiritual warrior, it accentuates the ability to understand and mediate without prejudice, it brings balance in the judgement and management of one's own power.

The tiger's eye softens aggressive temperaments and promotes emotional balance, brings mental clarity, awareness and determination.

It regulates the function of the spleen, pancreas, liver, detoxifies the blood and is beneficial for the heart.

It is a highly protective stone against the negative energies of environments and people. Also recommended for meditation.


Obsidian is a volcanic glass whose most common version is black, but there are many variations: transparent, green, mahogany, rainbow, golden, etc..

In crystal healing it is used for the physical pain of the body and to promote tissue regeneration processes, but the peculiarity of this stone concerns the psychological, energetic and spiritual level.

Obsidian is an excellent anti-stress, helps to free the mind from negative emotions such as anger and fear, also useful to overcome moments of strong shock or trauma.

On the energetic and spiritual level, obsidian frequencies help to cleanse the aura from energy blocks, protect against negativity and promote contact with the spiritual world, it is also very useful in the practice of meditation.


Agate is a variety of chalcedony quartz, used since ancient times as it is considered a magic stone. Agate is a protector of pregnancies, it infuses courage and relaxes, allowing boldness and optimism, also favoring meditation. It frees from chains and encourages new initiatives, stimulates trust and hope, opens up to inspiration.

Free from the sense of oppression, stress and fear. Agate has protective properties for eyes and skin, strengthens the stomach, liver, brain and lungs. It increases the sense of security, stimulates concentration and the production of practical solutions. This stone gives calmness and inner clarity. It encourages listening, introspection and self-observation.

The agate exists in various colors each of which is associated with a chakra, the green one for example is connected to the heart chakra, the white one to the seventh chakra, the orange one to the second.


Fluorite is a crystal coming from a mineral (calcium fluoride) whose processed stone belongs to the category of precious stones. Fluorite is also known as the "stone of genius" because it strengthens memory and can increase the IQ.

Its properties are functional to rebalance spiritual and mental energies. Useful to use when the mind is tired, it increases brain strength allowing an improvement in concentration and intuition.

Fluorite is also often used by wellness workers to develop spiritual awareness and to penetrate the deep meaning of things. Fluorite stimulates mediumistic powers and brings light into the aura, helping to open the third. It allows the mind to retain the meditative dimension more easily.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a variety of precious stones, blue in color, consisting of lazurite, calcite and pyrite, is one of the most used stones in crystal healing for its properties that promote inner vision.

It is associated with the fifth and sixth chakras, on a physical level it favors the resolution of throat problems, but it is also useful in the regulation of the menstrual cycle.

On a mental and spiritual level, Lapis lazuli helps to regain inner balance and develop intuition.


Shungite is a shiny black natural mineral stone mainly from Russia, mostly characterized by Carbon.

Its special molecular structure gives it unique characteristics - especially Shungite Elite which is used in many fields: to purify water, to shield from electromagnetic fields, for energy balancing, meditation, etc.

The therapeutic and purifying properties of Shungite have been witnessed for years by the Russian population, who have been using this mineral for healing purposes.


Garnet is a mineral agglomerate with an orange-red crystalline structure. It is represented by the element fire and is associated in fact to the first chakra.

The main properties of garnet are those of regeneration and cleansing of energy blocks, promotes and stimulates the metabolism, improves blood circulation and accelerates healing.

On an inner level this stone promotes self-confidence and self-affirmation, stimulates willpower and joy of life. It helps in taking root and getting out of moments of stasis or inner blockage.

Crystals 101: Summary of the Stones Effects

Depending on the chakra you want to work on, a different stone is used:

Agate: good for cultivating inner stability, relieving anxiety

Orange Agate: improves internal anger

Amethyst: a purification stone, good for calming and balancing, is used to eliminate negativity

Amazonite (the courage stone): good for the balance between intellect and intuition

Amber: contributes to increase optimism and balance the heart.

Clear quartz: helps with depression and increases mental energy.

Rose quartz (the love stone): good for finding, maintaining and cultivating all kinds of love. It is also used in cases of insomnia if placed behind the bed.

Citrine (the money stone): good for abundance, wealth and stability

Diamond: allows positive qualities to stand out

Emerald: works the heart rate

Garnet: good for metabolism, creativity and self-exploration

Jade: reduces anxiety levels.

Labradorite (the magic stone): good for psychic abilities, shaman work

Tiger Eye: opens the understanding

Opal: it is used for any part of the body.

Moonstone: considered the feminine stone, good for improving intuition and wisdom

Ruby: recommended for people with circulation problems.

Topaz: cleaning of the liver and gallbladder.

Garnet: good for metabolism, creativity and self-exploration

Kyanit: can be used to clean other stones, good for emotional and physical relaxation

Lapis Lazuli: good for the immune system

Onyx: good for strengthening vitality after prolonged illness or exhaustion

Sodalite: stimulates the mind, good for perception and self-awareness

How to Use the Stones and Crystals with Animals?

reiki shamanic healing crystal healing gemstones animals
These are some ways to use the stones and crystals with animals, like your dog or cat:

You can place the stones in the pet's bed for up to two weeks. You may want to put them in a cloth bag so they don't get lost or eat

You can buy it in a pendant or stick it on the dog/cat collar

You can place several to the north, south, east and west of the pet lying down for about 20 minutes or until the pet decides (they know when it is enough)

You can create a mandala or circle around it with the stones you have chosen.

Observe your pet, if you see that it is very restless, it could be that the energy of the stone is too strong for the pet or it is not the one it needs at that moment. Do not force it.

 You can place it near the area you want to help heal, being careful not to place it over open wounds.

You can put quartz like amethyst or rose quartz in the water bowl to carry the energy of the crystals internally and go where it is needed most and stay with them the longest. (There are many crystals that can be toxic like malachite, others corrode like hematite, and others wear out. Preferably use one of these two to be safe)

Place the stone in your hands. Separated by a few inches from the animal's body, move the stone by rotating it in a clockwise direction.

Place the stones in the sun a few hours or a while before the session, and place them on your pet's body. Their heat will carry Yang energy to the stones. If you are using ice packs for swelling, place a smoky quartz in the ice pack to unblock overactive swelling areas.

You can place the stones facing your pet's picture, to assist with distant healing

For fish tanks, cages, etc., place the stones from the outside.

Remember that ideally your glass or stone should have been previously cleaned and recharged.  Also before using it with your animal, you can hold the crystal in your hands and transmit your intention to it, that way it will work harmoniously for the same result.

Your best guide will be the animal.  Never substitute medical treatment for other alternatives.  These therapies should be used only for support and as a complement.

Crystal Therapy: How to Choose the Right Stones

Rely on a trusted merchant to avoid the risk of coming into contact with poor quality or artificially treated or colored stones.

Prefer raw, i.e. not processed or polished: some particular shapes (such as spikes, pyramids or spheres) channel energy in a precise direction, so they must be used in accordance with the purpose for which they were created.

The first choice of stones is made by attraction. Usually we feel a particular attraction when we observe some stones compared to others: it is not a matter of taste, but an intuitive choice that is dictated by the tendency to indulge in our way of being and perceiving the experience and the natural self-healing capacity of our organism.

In other words, we are attracted by the stones with which we are in tune because they reflect our basic frequency, or we "perceive" that in order to work on ourselves and to find or maintain harmony we need the energy of that stone, because it completes or compensates us.

How to distinguish the two cases? Make the second choice with your eyes closed, holding the stones one by one for a few seconds. Since our sight is never free from the conditioning of the psyche, then eliminating our usual tool to select information will also eliminate its conditioning and free our instinct. Through touch, we will choose the stone that best suits our psycho-physical conditions and that we need to keep our dynamic balance constant.

Then let yourself be advised by an expert in crystal therapy who, in addition to explaining the properties and benefits of the individual stones, represents an eye and an ear outside you and therefore a valuable source of listening and dialogue on your personal growth needs. To deepen the subject, there is an extensive bibliography on crystal therapy at your disposal.

Once purchased and taken home, it is important to place the stones in a closed container made of natural materials (e.g. glass, porcelain, ceramic or wood, but not metal), where they will remain when not in use. However, before storing them (and always after use) they must be washed with plenty of running water or, better still, left to soak for at least twenty-four hours completely immersed in water, then dried carefully with a clean cloth.

The Colors of the Stones

Then there is the color of the stones. Perhaps one of the most considered aspects. Crystal therapy and chromotherapy often go hand in hand, but it is not the only thing to take into account. The colors of the stones are very important especially when you want to harmonize the seven chakras.

The Crystalline System

There are seven different crystalline systems. The monoclinic, triclinic, rhombic, tetragonal, hexagonal, trigonal, cubic system. Finally there is an eighth system and it is the amorphous system. All the minerals that you know have one of these crystalline grids, which give the stone a precise vibration.

Mineral Substances

Minerals are important. One of them is iron for example. Each stone has some of them and these elements give a different vibration to the stone. Its chemical form gives you many indications about the stone itself. There are also the mineral classes, eight of them in all and they have a great therapeutic relevance.

12 stones for 12 zodiac signs

  • Aries: red coral, ruby, jasper, cornelian, garnet
  • Taurus: green jade, green tourmaline, green flurite, green aventurine
  • Gemini: topaz, agate, citrine quartz
  • Cancer: pearl, moonstone, rock crystal, ruby, emerald
  • Lion: diamond, amber, citrine quartz
  • Virgin: sapphire, carnelian, amethyst, rose quartz
  • Libra: rose quartz, green tourmaline, opal, malachite, chrysoprase
  • Scorpio: ruby, carnelian, red jasper, fire opal
  • Sagittarius: turquoise, azurite, topaz, zircon, tanzanite, citrine quartz
  • Capricorn: black onyx, black tourmaline, smoked quartz, jet, black obsidian
  • Aquarius: rock crystal, blue sapphire, turquoise, aquamarine
  • Pisces: amethyst, aquamarine, amazonite

Useful Resources

Which Crystal Healing Books to buy?

On Amazon you can find some books to deepen the topic, here are the recommended ones that i selected for you.

Where to Buy Crystals and Stones?

One of the most frequent questions I have been asked is "where to buy the real stones? The fact is that we are partly used to scams, even if only by hearsay. We're afraid that they'll give us the fake stones.

You can buy the crystals in the store next door that specializes in stones. There isn't one? If no one in your town has had this great idea yet, then try looking in ethnic stores. Often, even if they don't have a lot of choice, they sell the most important stones. Sometimes even stalls selling jewelry and Indian clothing sell stones.

Otherwise as always, by now it has really become everyday life for most of us, you can go to buy online! There are many people today who deal with the sale of stones online.

I buy or I happened to buy on Exquisite Crystals that have a lot of choices and very good prices. Also on Amazon (some sellers in particular offer really good minerals!), which also sells well selected and quality products. Surely, however, just because of the wide range of choice, I suggest you to have a look at it. I can recommend you even Ebay, there are pleny of options here.

Here you have a selection of products from Exquisite Crystals:

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Thank you for making it to the end. If I left you with some questions feel free to write them in the comments so I can answer them or add them to the article. If you liked this post please subscribe to the newsletter and share it on social media by clicking the buttons below so I can help other people like you who want to find out more about Crystal Healing.
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