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Sacred Shamanic Medicine and Reiki Healing in Berlin

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What benefits can you have from me?

I can help you with the powerful healing energy of Reiki combined with the ancient shamanic practices of South America. I put at your disposal the connection with the sacred spirits of Rapeh and Sananga, and with the powerful knowledge of Amazonian Forest Oracles.

 Thank you for the wonderful experience! 

Embarking my spiritual journey with Alessandro was one of the most unique experiences I had in a long time! He is a beautiful spirit, very mindful and supportive in giving you guidance throughout the ceremony. I was given my own space to go deeper in the experience and got lot of interesting insights, Alessandro truly has a beautiful perception of the ritual and the idea behind it. The ceremony helped me to connect to myself and I always felt like I was in a safe environment. Even though I am a novice to this field, I felt at ease and comfortable. I´m so grateful and can only appreciate the world that opened up in front of and within me. Ahoo Alessandro ☯️

Lud Tegreh

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Taking care of yourself today is very expensive. I know, you already have to pay for your yoga classes, your favorite organic food, your nights out on the weekend.

And then your inner work always remains in the last place. Almost forgotten.

That's why I prepared a discount for you: 

Your First Complete Shamanic Reiki Healing Session with 10% OFF. Sounds great, doesn't it?

So you can spend time for yourself to feel better with you and others. To solve the past and close the still open wounds.

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