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Sacred plants

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What is Shamanic Reiki and the Power of Sacred Master Plants

About the author


I'm  Alessandro Ferrari

Shamanic Reiki Master living in Berlin and doing Ceremonies and Sessions.

To know more about me read my bio.

reiki shamanic healing berlin Alessandro Ferrari

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I was looking for an alternative way to detoxify and reconnect with myself deeper. When looking up Shamanism in Berlin I stumbled upon Alessandro's page. Since being a Reiki practitioner myself the idea of combining sacred plants with the Reiki in the way of Shamanism sounded very promising. From his writings on the website where everything is well explained I felt already it'll be a wonderful experience.

When meeting Alessandro first I could feel his loving and calming energy. During the session he guided me with patience and wisdom. The environment set was very comfortable, safe and loving which was supporting the whole experience. The experience helped me to get deeper insights and fill myself with love and light. Don't hesitate to get a session from this loving soul you'll definitely will experience love from the source.

I have gratitude for the experience and connecting with a brother of light. Ahoo 🙏❣️

Julian GE

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